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In an industry that constantly lusts toward the future, the Internet Archive has once again helped retain tech’s past by announcing that it has saved more than 500 Apple II programs.

The San Francisco-based non-profit has been doing yeoman’s work for years now, maintaining everything from historical copies of webpages to archiving sound and video to digitizing out-of-copyright books. The program to preserve the catalogue of Apple II programs is yet another example of this work, and one that provides an important record of the dawn of the personal computing age.

The actual work of finding and uploading the programs is being done by a person (or possibly an anonymous collective) who goes under the name “4am.”

According to a post on the Internet Archive blog, the 4am collection now has passed the 500 program milestone. In fact, the 4am page now says it has 631 Apple II programs. These are part of a larger collection of Apple II programs that stands at 3,897 at the Internet Archive.

But the 4am set is focused on the rarest and hardest to find Apple II programs. As such, users can now experience games like Muppetville, Spy Hunter and Battlezone.

So get ready to relive your childhood or teenage years and watch hours of your adult life disappear into a black hole of nostalgic ecstasy.

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