shell logo evolution

Every few years, major brands will make a small or large adjustment to the design of its logo.

By comparing the original logo to its most recent version, we can learn important lessons about a brand's roots and its arc of progression.

We compiled a list comparing the first logos of 19 of the biggest brands in the world with their most recent logos with help from, an identity design community.

See how these famous brands have altered the design of their logos since inception.

Samantha Felix contributed to this report, using information gathered from Logopedia.

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Bell Telephone Company designed the original logo in 1900. In 1964 the "AT&T" of Bell Telephone Company became the dominant element of the brand. The company eventually dropped the Bell all together in 1970 and the latest AT&T logo was released in 2005.

2. Canon

The Canon logo was originally designed in 1933. The simpler version of the company's logo was introduced in 1956.

3. Kodak

In the beginning, Kodak was a single print advertisement with "The Kodak Company" strung across the top in a simple serif font. The company created this first logo in 1907. Kodak adopted its most recent logo in 2006.

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