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Apple released a quickfire ad at its Keynote on Monday celebrating the past 40 years in 40 seconds, with lots of references to the advertising that has helped position the company and its innovations at the top of the tech sector.

With help from EveryAppleAd's comprehensive library, we chose the most important Apple commercial from each year since the company's watershed advertising moment at the Super Bowl in 1984.

From the celebrity-packed "Here's to the Crazy Ones," to the beginning of Apple's memorable demonstration-style ads, here are its best commercial hits.

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1984 — 1984

In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh personal computer with a vision of an Orwellian dystopia during the Super Bowl. It was directed by Ridley Scott. Apple's board of directors at the time hated the video, calling it "the worst commercial they had ever seen,"according to Walter Isaacson.

However, despite these initial doubts, "1984" became what some people consider ;the greatest TV ad of all time and it is in the Clio Awards Hall of Fame. After the ad came out, Apple went onto to sell 72,000 computers in 100 days, twice as many as had been anticipated, according to Forbes.

1985 – "Lemmings"

Still on a high from its incredibly successful 1984 ad campaign, Apple hoped it could repeat its success with "Lemmings." Made by the same creative team as the year before and directed by Ridley Scott's brother Tony, Apple looked to replicate a similar formula.

However, "Lemmings," which featured mass suicide, turned into a complete disaster for Apple. Viewers called the ad "insulting" and, due to relatively poor results following the commercial, Apple was forced to get rid of 20% of its staff. Founder Steve Jobs also left the company in 1985.

1986 — The Power To Be Your Best

Apple's "The Power To Be Your Best" slogan began in the 1980s. A mark of its success is that it was used well into the next decade.

The campaign faced some criticism by ad experts for failing to pick out Apple computers specifically, rather than computers in general. However, the campaign was largely successful. It was even parodied by Saturday Night Live, becoming "The Power To Crush Other Kids."

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