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Drones are one of the fastest-growing and most-exciting technologies anywhere in the world. Unmanned aerial vehicles directed by a pilot on the ground or flying completely autonomously are already beginning to transform fields as diverse as real estate and utilities, agriculture and public safety.

But is the U.S. falling behind in the race to fully exploit drone technology?

  • One country dominates the manufacturing of commercial and consumer drones, with 70% market share. Another country exports 60% of all global military drones. Neither is the United States.
  • he U.S. has one of the most onerous schemes for regulating commercial drones—a major roadblock to that must be resolved if America wants to catch up to Europe’s use of drones for commerce.
  • While Amazon dreams of using drones to deliver packages to Prime customers, other countries are making drone delivery a reality. One European country is already testing delivery of regular mail by drones.

The best way for you to understand the challenges and opportunities that drone technology present to the U.S. and the entire world is to get your hands on an invaluable new report. It gives you an up-to-the-minute overview of all the challenges and opportunities in the fast-developing world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

This briefing, titled The Drones Report: Market Forecasts, Key Players and Use Cases, and Regulatory Barriers to the Proliferation of Drones, takes you inside each of the three main drone categories—consumer, commercial and military—to give you the trends behind the headlines.

For instance, in the consumer drone sphere, the report reveals:

  • Why drone sales will more than triple over the next 5 years
  • The leading drone suppliers to the consumer market, and important component manufacturers
  • The fascinating ways that consumers are employing their drones
  • The critical government regulations that control present and future drone use

In commercial drones:

  • Why commercial drones are growing at a 51% per year compounded rate— even faster than consumer drone sales
  • The 2 major restrictions on commercial drone use that are hampering U.S. adoption of commercial drones
  • The 4 main uses for commercial drones (you may be surprised at #1)
  • How Amazon plans to use drones—and the hurdles they’ll have to overcome to realize their vision

And in the government drones section, you’ll learn:

  • How drones are being used by militaries around the world
  • 3 new innovations that will make military drones more versatile and more lethal
  • The myriad ways that drones can be used to improve public safety, control crime, and respond to natural disasters

Whether you deal with drones every day, or you’re starting from Square One, this report will enlighten you and bring you insights you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Simply put, The Drones Report is the only place you can get the full story on the rapidly-evolving world of drones.

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The choice is yours. But however you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the fascinating world of drones.

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