Master of None

Even if you aren't a broke millennial, there's no reason you can't save money like one.

With the rise of smartphones, there are now a bunch of ways to cut costs by embracing a more mobile lifestyle. There are apps that will let you invest with no fees and subscriptions that can let you rack up big discounts on everyday items like food, and is a wealth of entertainment you can get without breaking the bank.

Here are 13 of the best ways to save money the way cost-conscious millennials do:

Trade stocks without paying any fees with Robinhood.

Robinhood is an app built around one promise: no-fee stock trading. It launched in December 2014 and quickly became a favorite among younger people looking to invest without paying $7 per trade. Since its launch, Robinhood has facilitated over $2 billion in transactions and saved its customers an estimated $70 million in trading commissions, according to the company.

The app itself is stylish and simple, a big part of why it won an Apple Design Award. It makes stock trading cheap, intuitive, and mobile.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Pick a checking account that refunds 100% of any ATM fees.

In 2016, there are plenty of options for free checking accounts that will refund any ATM fee you run into. This feature was popularized by online banks — like Ally — but now a slew of banks offer it. Being able to grab cash at any time without a second thought can save you time, money, and stress.

Use the Honey browser extension to see if there are available coupons any time you shop online.

Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches for coupon codes and sales whenever you are checking out online. All you have to do is click the Honey button, and it will search the web to find and apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. It takes no extra work on your part and can save you money.

Price: Free (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

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