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It seems there's a new Snapchat or Inbox topping the app store every day.

To see what's hot in the app world, we stopped 11 students at Stanford University on the street and asked them to show us their home screens. We discovered some hidden gems, like a better messenger and an email application that can supposedly do everything you might want.

Here are the apps Stanford students keep at their fingertips.

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Olivia Bernadel-Huey, human biology major (undeclared)

Class of 2018

Home screen highlight: SubItUp is an employee scheduling software that generates hourly schedules (making it easier on managers), handles shift change requests, and provides employees with remote access to the calendar.

Olivia uses the app to check her job schedule and add or drop shifts as needed.

Simar Mangat, computer science major

Class of 2017

Home screen highlight: Simar is a Flipboard enthusiast. The app aims to "remake the experience of reading a magazine on a tablet" by letting users curate articles from their social feeds.

Apple once called the news reader the best app for the iPad, but Flipboard is dealing with intense competition.

Kerry Wang, human biology major

Class of 2017

Home screen highlight: Google Calendar prevents Kerry from over-scheduling and bailing on appointments at the last minute.

"That kind of flakiness prevents the growth of human relationships. My Calendar app keeps me accountable," she says. "If it's going in my Calendar, it's going to happen."

She also uses FaceTime to connect with her twin sister in Paris.

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