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Good morning! Here's the technology news you need to know this Friday.

1. More people now use Snapchat on a daily basis than Twitter. The app has 150 million daily active users.

2. Prominent UK politicians are questioning crowdfunding after a string of high-profile failures. The chair of the influential Treasury Select Committee is asking questions about crowdfunding regulation.

3. Brexit could have a devastating effect on the UK tech industry. We take a look at the rules and regulations that could change.

4. A report claims that Twitter and Yahoo held merger talks. The New York Post says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn't show up, though.

5. Analysts estimate that Amazon has up to 69 million Prime subscribers. People in the UK use Prime Video more than people in the US.

6. Facebook is changing its rules so that Mark Zuckerberg can’t keep control if he leaves. Zuckerberg cannot pass his majority control to his descendants.

7. Tribune Publishing is changing its name to tronc. It's moving to focus on digital content.

8. Google reportedly has an internal site for employees to report whistleblowers. It uses the URL "stopleaks."

9. One of Facebook's first European execs has raised $3 million (£2 million) for a front door lock. The startup aims to take the pain out of getting things delivered to your house.

10. Tinder is launching new features for transgender users in the next few months. Right now, people signing up for Tinder can only designate themselves as "male" or "female."

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