A new drone video of Apple’s spaceship campus shows a 10,000-square foot fitness center

The rumor is that even Apple CEO Tim Cook uses the drone videos taken by drone videographer Duncan Sinfield to see the progress of the company's enormous $5 billion "spaceship" shaped headquarters, being built right now in Cupertino. Sinfield just posted another one that shows the building site as of March 3. When completed it will include 2.82 million square feet of office space that can house over 12,000 employees. It's curved design means that the building will use the largest panes of curved glass in the world. It also includes a 1,000 seat underground auditorium, a new 10,000 square foot fitness facility for employees and nearly 11,000 parking spots in two huge garages accessed by underground tunnels. Plus, underground tunnels will be used to access the courtyard (making it very hard for someone to sneak into the outside areas of Apple's new headquarters). The new facility was originally conceived by Steve Jobs who envisioned it as "the best office building in..

The ‘Netflix for indie movies’ looks nothing like Netflix — and it’s worth $125 million (NFLX)

Since 2007, London-based Mubi has quietly built a reputation as a stellar streaming service for serious film lovers. While Netflix has grabbed the headlines, Mubi has survived and thrived, snagging a recent valuation of $125 million and sweeping into China ahead of its much-larger rival. Last year, Paul Thomas Anderson, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker and indie heavyweight, chose to give Mubi the exclusive streaming rights to his new film, "Junun." For reference, Mubi has 100,000 subscribers, while Netflix has 75 million. So how has Mubi found success in a Netflix world? In part, it's because Mubi thinks of films as something distinct from "video" or "content," CEO Efe Cakarel tells Business Insider. "We used to have this all-you-can-eat buffet, similar to Netflix but for independent films," Cakarel says. But a few years ago, Cakarel realized that people don't consume movies the same way they do TV shows. Searching Netflix for a new show might be annoying, but once you&..

Astronaut Scott Kelly’s mind-blowing photos from his record-breaking year in space will make you fall in love with Earth all over again

Right before Astronaut Scott Kelly took off to spend a year in space, President Obama told him,"Good luck Captain. Make sure to Instagram it." And he did. From tracking storms to catching all the colors of the Earth, here are some of the best shots from his record-breaking, year-long voyage: NEXT: SpaceX’s new rocket fuel is causing problems with a mission that the company will try to launch for the fourth time tonight SEE ALSO: NSA astronaut Scott Kelly is about to come home — here are 8 epic numbers about his record-breaking time in space Here's Kelly's first stunning shot of Earth from space, taken 27 weeks ago. Good morning, Texas from the @ISS. Looks like Houston and Austin have some weather headed your way. #YearInSpace #ISS #Goodmorning #saturday #weekend #Texas #Houston #Austin #weather #wx #houwx #space #earth A photo posted by Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) on Apr 4, 2015 at 11:32am PDT His photos are filled with striking colors, from neon greens... Instagra..

This new ‘Six Flags’ ride may be the most mind-bending amusement park attraction yet

Six Flags created a new roller coaster called "The New Revolution" that requires riders to wear virtual reality glasses as they barrel down 3,500 feet of track. Produced by Zach Wasser. Video courtesy of AP and Six Flags Entertainment. Follow TI: On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki has a secret talent that she uses to drive her kids crazy

Anne Wojcicki is well-known in the tech industry for a lot of reasons. She's cofounder and CEO of genetics testing company 23andMe, a restaurateur (Bumble is her kid-friendly cafe in Los Altos, California). She's the sister of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and ex-wife of Google founder Sergey Brin. But one thing you probably didn't know about her was that she has a hidden talent that she discovered in high school. She's "good at making bird calls," she confessed on a YouTube video called Inside the Grind. It's not exactly a super power but it is extremely useful for driving her kids crazy, she says with a laugh. She's not kidding about this talent. She demonstrated a few bird calls in the video. SEE ALSO: A famous IBM employee took her baby to an IBM conference and had to deal with a smart aleck Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: This woman is getting famous for building hilariously terrible robots

How Richard Branson gets fresh water on his private island

Having your own private island is not just about the beautiful views, the privacy, and living the good life. It's also about some of the more practical things, like figuring out the best way to get water and energy on the island. Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island, which also functions as an exclusive resort, is part of the British Virgin Islands, but it is quite independent when it comes to producing the energy and fresh water that the island uses. We spoke to Chief Engineer Adam Simmonds, who showed us how he and his team convert the salt water of the Caribbean Sea into as much as 65,000 gallons of usable water a day. Originally published in October 2012. Follow BI Video: On Twitter Join the conversation about this story »