Soon you’ll be able to shop by taking photos of the stuff you want
July 6, 2016

If you've ever wanted to instantly buy a pair of shoes you spotted on the subway, or a piece of furniture you saw at your friend's house, Pinterest is creating a new feature that will let you do just that.

Pinterest is experimenting with camera-search technology that will let users shop for items they photograph with their phones, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The new image discovery feature, which was tested this June, is meant to link users to retail sites so they can purchase items similar to what they see in the real world. When users snap a photo of something they like, Pinterest will delve into its database of 75 billion images to find products that look like what was photographed.

The company is still fixing issues with the feature, like the fact that it sometimes can't find the product that matches exactly what the camera captured.

Pinterest, which is currently valued at $11 billion, seems to be transitioning into the e-commerce world with its camera-searc..

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Why Amazon’s music service has quietly become a huge hit (AMZN)
July 6, 2016

While Spotify, Apple Music, and even Tidal get the buzz, Amazon’s Prime Music has quietly become a hit, especially among older Americans, according to research by Cowen.

In a recent analyst note, Cowen’s John Blackledge and Tim Arcuri wrote that 16% of US respondents to a proprietary survey said they had listened to music on Prime in May, 2016. That puts the service, which comes as part of Amazon's Prime package, as the second most used “paid” service, behind satellite radio at 22%, and above Spotify’s paid tier at 7% and Apple Music at 6%.

Here is the full chart:

One driver is that Prime Music is a particular hit with older age groups, according to the analysts. “Prime Music was the only on-demand streaming service to crack the top five of the main sources of music for the 4 age cohorts 35+,” they wrote.

“Given the increasing competitiveness within the on-demand streaming industry, focusing or ‘owning’ a specific niche, like a particular age group, may not be a bad strategy,..

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A top product designer reveals the one kitchen tool he can’t live without
July 6, 2016

Take away Dan Formosa's knives and pans, but spare him his Microplane.

The veteran product designer, who worked on IBM's original home computer and invented OXO's line of Good Grips kitchen tools, says the bladed, nail-file-like implement is the most essential tool in his kitchen.

“It works really well and it's super sharp,” he says.

Formosa explains that the handy zester and grater is much easier to wield than the traditional four-sided box grater, especially when all you need is a dusting of spice or cheese.

Microplane also delivers more flexibility than a bulky grater. You can grate straight into the bowl, rather than onto a cutting board, sparing you the hassle of picking up tiny flakes.

For its weight — just 0.3 ounces — the Microplane is incredibly durable. Formosa has owned his for years and says it's stayed just as sharp as the day he got it. Many of the top reviews on Amazon attest to the same quality — it can withstand repeated cycles through the..

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Instagram has ushered in a risky new dance trend — and it could be harming young dancers’ bodies
July 6, 2016

Every week, scores of young dancers take to Instagram to show off a physical feat that seems to defy the limits of human hip bones.

The #TiltTuesday trend features dancers stretching their legs into extreme contortions. Sometimes the photos merely attract likes or followers. Other times they can attract the attention of scouts, leading to audition opportunities or even sponsorship deals.

Instagram and YouTube are littered with images and videos of stretches such as the “side tilt,” in which one leg is extended into a standing side split, often held at bizarre angles that extend past 180 degrees. Another popular pose, known sometimes as a “scorpion” involves one leg stretched out behind the dancer, bent and grasped behind the head like a tail poised to sting.

But some dance industry veterans say the trend is an unhealthy phenomenon that encourages young dancers to attempt risky movements that could bring about irreversible damage.

While some of the dancers performing these poses are..

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Oracle has reportedly cut funding for Java Enterprise Edition — here’s why that matters (ORCL)
July 6, 2016

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Java Enterprise Edition is on the shelf for the time being.

Oracle has reportedly cut funding for and stopped development on Java EE, according to Ars Technica. Java EE is the server-side Java technology that is embedded into hundreds of thousands of Internet and business apps, and it's crucial for many apps that are not based on Java.

Oracle has become somewhat infamous for cutting the cord on projects that it cannot monetize, or restricting open-source projects in order to monetize access to them. But the short-term and long-term effects of this Java EE decision could be tremendous because the global IT community is so reliant on Java and Java EE.

The full Java Ecosystem has been in development for about 20 years mostly because of its open-source business model. Restricting Java EE in this manner would likely slow updates and security patches f..

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NASA is sending a probe to explore a strange object a billion miles beyond Pluto
July 6, 2016

Even as the Juno mission made history by successfully coming into orbit around Jupiter, NASA had its eyes on other ways to push the boundaries of our knowledge about the universe around us.

The agency has approved a proposal from the New Horizons team to send the spacecraft — which was first sent to explore Pluto — to 2014 MU69. That's the completely uninspiring name of a hunk of rock in the Kuiper Belt, the ring of icy rubble leftover from the birth of the solar system.

Pluto also hangs out in the Kuiper Belt, but visiting 2014 MU69 will send the probe almost a billion miles from Pluto.

Astronomers think 2014 MU69 is about 30 miles across and almost 44 times farther away from the sun than Earth is. And that 2014 in the name isn't random: It's the year astronomers first saw it, which means New Horizons is now heading out to something we didn't know existed when the spacecraft launched in 2006.

New Horizons has actually been headed toward 2014 MU69 since October…

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A YouTube star could face up to 364 days in jail after a really weird night out with friends
July 6, 2016

Last week, popular YouTuber and LGBT lifestyle video blogger Calum McSwiggan, 26, posted on Instagram that he had been attacked outside of a gay night club in West Hollywood and the story only got more complicated from there.

Now he could be facing up to 364 days in county jail after the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office revealed it was charging McSwiggan with making a false police report. “On June 27, McSwiggan allegedly falsely reported to police that he had been beaten by three men,” the news release states.

It remains unclear from the complaint how much or what portion of the report was allegedly filed falsely. When Tech Insider asked for further clarification, TI was told the news release is all the LA County District Attorney's Office have said about the case.

Online personality charged with making false police report pleaded not guilty today. Due back on July 19.
— LA District Attorney (@LADAOffice) June 30, 2016

The whole..

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Tesla should consider Autopilot 101 for owners (TSLA)
July 6, 2016

Following the news that a driver was killed in a Tesla Model S crash in Florida in May when the vehicle had its “Autopilot” semi-autonomous driving mode engaged, another report of an non-fatal Autopilot incident emerged in Pennsylvania.

Tesla reported the Florida crash to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and all the detail we have on the Pennsylvania accident comes from this report in the Detroit Free Press.

However, given how widely touted and enthusiastically received Autopilot was when it arrived last year, and given the the technology is available on new Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles, it might be time for Tesla to consider intensifying the amount of instruction it provides owners on the limits of Autopilot.

Currently, drivers have to accept responsibility for activating Autopilot in the cars; the technology is still in beta-testing, according to Tesla.

But going that route doesn't seem to be enough. Other major car makers that have been work..

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The best new feature coming to Tesla’s Autopilot system probably won’t work in older cars (TSLA)
July 6, 2016

Tesla Motors is constantly improving its Autopilot system, which lets Tesla cars steer themselves, avoid obstacles, change lanes, and even self-park.

And it’s about to get way better. According to a TechnoBuffalo report, Tesla is already working on the next major version of its Autopilot system, called “Autopilot 2.0.”

There are plenty of interesting new features in “Autopilot 2.0,” but perhaps the biggest addition is the ability to recognize and react to stop signs and traffic lights — with zero input from the driver.

Unfortunately, it looks like this awesome feature won’t work in older Tesla cars. The report says a handful of “prototype Model S and Model X units are already operating in the wild sporting two forward-facing cameras,” which are apparently required for this feature to work.

We’ve reached out to Tesla. The company was not immediately available to comment.
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Yes, the olds are coming to Snapchat — but so is everybody else
July 6, 2016

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal sounded the alarm that Snapchat is over because parents have finally figured it out. What teen wants to be chatting on the same service as mom and dad?

It's true that older people are discovering Snapchat, but that's not the whole story. As this chart from Statista based on ComScore data shows, Snapchat is growing among all age groups. The rate of growth is slower among 18-to-24- year olds than it is among people 35 years and older, but that's simply because that age group started with a higher base.
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